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Luxury Accessible Bathrooms

Offering disabled guests a much more enjoyable experience, the new concept has been designed to alleviate the problems of dissatisfaction or room refusal from other guests. Our luxury accessible bathrooms incorporate accessibility aids discretely into the overall design, or are featured as stylish comfort extras for anyone to enjoy, so that the bathroom no longer looks or feels different.

In addition to the wide range of carefully selected components and finishes, one of the most attractive things about AX-ES is its bottom line; its potential to increase profitability through greater room occupancy and repeat business. With all rooms suitable for all guests, none need lie empty or risk a low customer satisfaction score, and for the hoteliers who choose it this leading-edge integration of style with function will provide a highly marketable competitive advantage within the disability sector

DDA Compliant & DOCM Compliant

AX-ES challenges the assumption that meeting every detail of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) results in a highly functional, rather than an aesthetically pleasing, environment. To overcome this Utopia Projects took a range of classic products, including brassware, bars, baths and basins, and painstakingly developed them into the AX-ES bathroom range; a solution that’s both practical and pleasing.

Previous work includes fully DDA compliant rooms at the Pullman Hotel in London, working alongside DDA Access Consultants ensuring we interpreted every element of the DDA correctly. Find out more