Creating a bespoke bathroom or spa requires organisation and attention to detail.

With such a vast choice available you may need help pinpointing the perfect blend of products for your project. Our highly-trained staff can navigate you around our extensive selection, whilst they share their technical knowledge along the way and help you source every item on your creative wish list, however complex.


Having established your design vision we will present you with your specification, working closely to tailor this to your exact requirements. We will then work with you to gain your client’s approval.

Prior to your project starting on site we will provide you an information pack containing all the technical installation requirements, drawings, pipe centres and information you will need to get the job completed. We are also happy to arrange product training for your contractor.

You can be confident that our involvement in your project will be organised and proficient at all times, good housekeeping is vital for the success of every project.


The stock you require will be available exactly where you need it and when you need it, so if your contractor wants to receive product in stages we can deliver to the schedule you dictate, anywhere in the UK.

For your convenience we provide a project schedule document which; itemises all of the products to be used, lists costs for the client, lists quantities for the designer, provides monthly updated schedule tracking of which products and quantities have been delivered, identifies for the contractor room by room a description and the code of each product, and schedules delivery dates from our distribution centre.

Whichever part of the project you’re managing, you’ll find our project schedule document indispensable.


A Utopia client is always a current client as we look after you before, during and after every project. Creating a new bathroom or spa is all very well but both require maintenance and upkeep.

That’s why Utopia Projects offers a complete aftercare service, which includes; half-day maintenance programmes for members of staff, so they can understand the basics of cleaning and operation, a dedicated spare parts website,, where we upload all of your specification details, making it easy to identify parts and order spares, and a UK-wide, on-the-road service, bringing spares and servicing straight to your door.


AX-ES challenges the assumption that meeting every detail of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) results in a highly functional, rather than an aesthetically pleasing, environment. To overcome this Utopia Projects took a range of classic products, including brassware, bars, baths and basins, and painstakingly developed them into the AX-ES bathroom range; a solution that’s both practical and pleasing.